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Cookie Steam

To begin my sexual empowerment journey, I had to clean off the negative energy that had taken over my "cookie." My pussy still smelled like hints of past lovers, and my soul felt them in my body even though their touch had been long gone.

This is where it all began. The cleaning out and rejuvenation of the cookie. As I scrolled through event brite attempting to find something to do in this small town. I came across this panel entitled Wombveristy. I was immediately intrigued. Especially when I saw the great Dorisa King, owner of YONISTEAM412 was one of the speakers. If you have never heard of Dorisa, let me break it down. She is what I will call a wombologist. In her cozy spa, she is a doctor in her own rite. She heals and educates men and women about detoxing their reproductive organs. I was immediately intrigued by the idea of steaming the cookie. So naturally, of course, I scheduled her full body detox. I was committed to getting that stank off my body.

Once inside the building, my eyes were delighted to see all black art. She later told me that most of the items she used in the space were from black woman creators. This included the interior design in the steam room.

The first step was the selection of the tea. Dorisa was so knowledgeable, and she began by asking me questions about my menstruation. She also made me a delicious tea and herbal prerolls that she prepared just for me.

I was then escorted to the restroom and directed to strip completely nude and put on a robe. Now, ladies, this was not a normal robe It was a silky robe that felt amazing on my skin. She also had fuzzy slippers that slipped on my feet and felt like I walked on feathers. The smell of the space was relaxing. My stress left my body with every inhale, and my mind felt clear.

As I left the bathroom, I was delighted to begin. She walked me over to my seat (which looked like a toilet seat), and just under it was where she placed the tea. This is where I began to be skeptical, but I was still very open-minded about the process. I thought to myself, at a minimum, it was one of the most relaxing experiences I had ever had. She instructed me to sit on the seat, and the steam made my cookie tingle. I was always told tingling means it is working, so I accepted the process.

I was surprised when she led me through a series of breathing meditations. My body loosened all the muscles that typically were tight. The air smelled beautiful. She had sprayed a scent that made my body melt.

My feet sat in warm water to begin the detox process. She left the room, and I closed my eyes. I started my deep meditation that I had learned just a few weeks before during a meditation retreat in Virginia. The retreat was my first, and it taught me how silence could heal. We were told to be completely silent for three days during this retreat. We were in the middle of the woods in small cabin-like living quarters. We ate in silence. I didn't even know my roommate. The crazy part was that even though I didn't know any of them, I felt extremely close to them.

While sitting in this chair with steam in my cookie, eyes closed and meditation music playing softly, I cried. It came naturally. Because I was so relaxed, my brain permitted my eyes to let my tears stream. I needed the release.

After I got up from the seat, she led me to lay down on a table and began my ear candle—definitely a first for me. I was mainly shocked that there was no pain. She extracted wax from my ear, and I immediately felt I could hear better.

As I was getting dressed after the experience, I felt lighter. She did warn me in the beginning that I would feel this way. I paid and left with a huge smile. Even though I am not sure if it worked two things I know for sure. One day later, I was still riding the high of the experience, and my "cookie" smelled like a cookie.

My suggestion is that everyone should experience Dorisa. Something I want to do again, and I am a believer that she took the stank of past lovers and experience out of my cookie.

Thank you for the queen. #yonisteam412

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