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Examples of how "Cookies" can change the world

As usual, I was scrolling through Youtube. This day, in particular, the famous Spike Lee Joint "Chiraq," was the basis of the search. After the video played without pressing a button, one video especially caught my eye. It was a video about a woman who had used a sex strike to end a war.

The story goes like this, a woman was living in Liberia, surrounded by violence. Innocent kids were being killed in the streets. She was the most troubled when a missile killed two young boys similar to herons. She claims she broke down, and when she got up, she was ready to fight. With just a few women and $10, they started to protest. They were determined to get the attention of the president. They decided to do a sex strike to stop the war. They ceased having sex with their spouses. The women said they were fasting for peace, and according to their religion, they had to refrain from sex during a fast.

A few women turned into hundreds and then thousands. They soon were able to be at the top of media news stories. They set up their protest on the road where the president traveled to and from work. The rallies were so disruptive that the president started saying he was sick and he couldn't go to work.

So after seeing all of the violence, she was fed up. She and the other woman positioned then self in the building of the peace talks at the capitol in Morovia. The women were angry and had given up on their country, had given up on the men, and had given up on the violence ever really ending. They knew that extreme actions had to be done to make real change. So they locked arms and vowed to sit in the building until change was made. As they were locked arms just a few feet from the president, his guards came out and tried to arrest the woman. She insisted that she would go willingly, but she would be naked. It is considered a vast dishonor to have a woman be naked and an extreme violation of that woman taking off her clothes willingly. See, the men were used to forcibly taking off the woman's clothes and raping them. They were not used to the woman willingly taking off their clothes. The woman stated that she did it because she was at her wit's end and was willing to do anything, even give up her last ounce of pride to get things accomplished.

As she began to take off her clothes, the guards stopped, and then leaders decided to meet with her and the other woman. Shortly after that, peace was declared (watch the clip for more details. I have included a great video below to elaborate more on the story but, this woman is amazing. Oh, you want to know her name? Leymah GBowee. Look her up.

She saved her country by highlighting how influential women are in society because we have the "Cookie." I mean, that is what I got from the story.

Many people have asked me why I am not just a regular bakery. Why do I have to use hemp? Why does my business have to focus on woman empowerment? Why sex and cannabis? First, I will never be regular. Secondly, women need to be empowered. We are strong but, sometimes we forget. So, why not? Why not create a sexy bake shop (that will soon be on wheels) dedicated to educating women about the power of the "Cookie" (pun intended). I mean, Leymah did it. Fearlessly! After hearing this queen's story, I am all about #WWLD. How about you?

Eat Your Cookies

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