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How to eat a cookie: A question for the masters.

I remember the first time I allowed someone to eat some of my cookies. The thought of someone inching their way between my legs made me nervous. What if I didn't smell the way a cookie should smell. What if my cookie didn't taste like their favorite cookie. My heart raced.

It was my 18th birthday, and no one was home. My sexual interest until that point was men, and I was only used to their touch. So as she grazed my body, unzipping my pants, I could only imagine what she was thinking. My body had memorized the movements, facial expressions, and words to say to men to make them entranced. I did not know how to do the same for a female. Most would say I am a female, so I should automatically know how to please another, but I didn't even know how to please myself. Other than occasionally slipping my hands between my thighs, no one had ventured that close to my cookie.

As she pulled down my panties, I told her that this was my first time. She looked with a smile and said "mine too." Then began to munch on the cookie.

Ok, ok, calm down. This is not soft porn. I wanted to take a moment to talk about eating the cookie. It is more of a short read to ask you a simple question: how do you like your cookie eaten, or how do you want to eat the cookie. Also, how does one know when they are doing it right or if the person is faking it?

These questions were formed on a lonely night in May when my body desired another and it was all I could think about. The question I wanted to know more than anything was who was teaching the gifted (expert cookie eaters) how to eat cookies. Was there a book or manual that I did not get? This was just not something my parents sat down and explained to me.

This one time in college, I signed up for a play called The Vagina Monologues, which discusses women's relationships with their vaginas. I was cast as the woman who loved woman moans. They identified many different moans, and I had to get on stage in front of 50-100 people and recite them like they were my own. The looks on many of the audience's faces suggested that there were one or two moans that they enjoyed and may have even heard before. It was just a play to me. I had practiced the moans, and they were all fake. Was the moan the way to know if a person is satisfied, especially knowing that faking it is real?

So many questions and not enough people to bother with them. If anyone is out there. I have one question, how do you eat a cookie?

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