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In 2007, I was honorably discharged from the military. Here is a link to my MY STORY. After going through this situation in 2011, I rejoined the army because I felt like I had not fully done my job (This was my PTSD) and subjected myself to more trauma. When I went into the military for the second time, I was given the position of public affairs, I have a Motion, Picture, and Television degree. I witnessed many things that other soldiers may not have had access to while performing this job. This included many sexual assault cases. At this point, I realized how many women like myself had not received adequate sex education while growing up. Things like inappropriate touch were allowed even though it made women uncomfortable. What really is sexual assault was often answered with very conflicting opinions, which in turn made many women even more uncomfortable with discussing their situations.

This is why I started Tokey's Treats. I wanted to teach women how to love the skin they are in after sexual trauma. Learning to love who you are before opening up to love someone else and discussions around creating boundaries are common topics when speaking with these women. Yes, I sell edibles. Through edibles, I teach women how hemp can assist them through their self-love journey. Hemp has many compounds that can help with anxiety and muscle relaxation.

I want to create a safe space for women to learn the things that their mamas may not have discussed with them. I do this from a place of compassion on different platforms. Not only with heart for other people but also for myself. These conversations have assisted me in my healing process, and I know there are many women I have had discussions with that say the same.

So why have I contacted you? I am looking for donations and sponsorships to get me to the next level. I am only asking for $1. This small donation will get me to the next level of my goal of becoming a nationally known edibles baker and educator. Everyone who sponsors will be recognized on social media and a national stage. Donations will be recognized on social media.

Please go to “Donations & Sponsors Link to learn more. If you are looking to do a recurring donation you can visit “” to join my Patreon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I will be able to shout you out on the national stage.


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